What are the advantages and disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting?

It’s significant to have a good website in place to run a business. It provides a cushion of information to potential customers, encourages engagement between consumer and business representatives, and makes sales. For many around the world, the ideal and most convenient way to build a website is through WordPress and its management system. 

If you are a business owner who wants to run a WordPress-based website, you need a reliable hosting solution that ensures your website is up and running. Many opt for managed WordPress hosting to achieve a one-stop solution. 

Let’s have a look at all you need to know before you dive into the world of WordPress hosting. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

All hosting is one way or the other managed unless you have your own physical server in your data center. This means the hosting company manages the servers, all back-end handling, and network connectivity.

Moreover, the WordPress host also takes over many other tasks which ensures the servers are running smoothly. They schedule backups and are able to restore your website in case where something goes wrong. They are in charge of any updates regarding the database, operating system, and everything within WordPress. This ensures all your tools and software are working consistently while your data remains secure. 

When everything from the back end is managed by the hosting provider, the day-to-day tasks and operations are in your hands. You may log in, make content addition, and new posts, utilize plugins, and design your website. Meanwhile, if you feel any confusion or have questions, the WordPress hosting company’s representative will be available for you on live chat. They will assist you along the way as you execute tasks you find difficult to conduct. 

When on the lookout for managed WordPress hosting, it’s essential to know which features you’re going for. Not every hosting company provides an extensive list of offerings. You will have to look into which services are your priority and ensure you opt for everything you need. 

Managed WordPress hosting – Good or Bad?

Delegating tasks associated with running your website smoothly comes with a set of benefits. However, it has its downside as well. You should have a thorough understanding of what you’re getting into to make a thoughtful decision. 


  • No Need for Technical Knowledge

As all of the back-end tasks will be taken care of for you, you don’t need to be equipped with the knowledge of technicalities. 

  • Focus on your Website

With everything handled to the core by the hosting company, you can take care of the designing and writing content. You can focus on this task without having to cater to codes and development of the site. 

  • Enhanced Security

WordPress hosting providers have security systems, updates, and patches in place at all times. They ensure that your website and its data are protected against all negative actors, viruses, and spam. 

  • Your Website is in Good Hands

When there is a team of experts working at the back end to ensure your website is up and running, you can rest assured that everything is accurately managed. 

  • Backup and Restore facility

It’s crucial for any business to back up its data, information, messages, and other dealing regarding sales. This also helps you if you’re ever in a fit, lose data, or should any problem occurs. Most managed WordPress hosting companies provide you with a thorough backup. 


  • Expensive

Managed hosting is more expensive than unmanaged or semi-managed one. If you are looking for inexpensive solutions for websites, then managed WordPress isn’t your calling. 

  • Forced Updates

Many managed WordPress services update automatically once it is released. If you have disabled automatic updating, then they don’t allow you to use certain tools or plugins unless you update your site.

  • Limits on Plugins

Some providers may limit your access to certain plugins as they don’t support those tools. 

  • No Fixed Package

All hosting providers offer different WordPress features. You must look into what you want before opting for one. 

Is Managed WordPress Hosting for you?

It’s no doubt a great option to consider. It has many advantages under its belt as it provides quick solutions and assistance to people. Hosting providers oftentimes provide unnecessary solutions which you may or may not need. Hence, it becomes vital to see which services your business requires and which are not worth your money. 

A business owner who keeps busy hours would require a full-service WordPress hosting service to manage everything efficiently. It’s critical to reach out to a reputable hosting provider who offers a variation of services and holds strong credibility. 


Now that you have a better idea of what Managed WordPress Hosting is, you will be able to plan and choose which route to take. By making smart choices, you will be able to give your business the stabilized platform that is required to successfully launch your website. 

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