Top 5 E-commerce Website Designs that will amaze you!

Top 5 E-commerce Website Designs that will amaze you!

Having an e-commerce website has become mandatory in this era of marketing if you don’t want the competition to overtake you. However, the making of a website entails many aspects that you, as a business owner, must be mindful of. Every brand needs to capture and retain customers, and only a handful of successful businesses reach this goal. 

The recurring question is how can you avoid the struggle? The answer always lies in exciting designs that have the capacity to win your customers. In this world of technology, users form an opinion in less than 20 microseconds. If your website is able to impress them and retain their attention, you have achieved the first stage. 

To enhance your chances of sales, your website is key. A sleek, professional, and inviting design will help you get the feedback and results you desire. 

Let’s have a look at some successful e-commerce designs that exist today and are giving their competition a run for their money. 

  1. Amazon

With over 200 million US visitors alone, Amazon has turned into the success story every businessman wants to have on their own. It began by selling books online, and now they have over 12 million products and more than a million sellers on its portal. 

One of the reasons Amazon became such a big name is its personalized and immersive website design. They focus on the experience of their users and have made their server search-oriented. It has many features, like auto-complete in the search bar, featured products, bestsellers, and other types of filtering based on the user surfacing the website. 

Amazon offers its users the option to personalize their search from the home page, which greatly enhances their experience and makes shopping online much more convenient. For every product, there are reviews and ratings, which also play a significant role in making the products more credible. 

With their extensive features, they focus on the customers and make them feel like the website was designed solely for them. It is user friendly has great navigation, and leaves consumers coming back again.

  1. Google Store

The Google Store is known for many of its products, such as Next, Pixar, Lineup, and Chromecast. Their Pixel smartphones have been particularly popular within the US becoming the 5th most popular smartphone. The Google Store ensures it offers tough competition to Apple by giving its users a fresh, clean, and more organized look. 

The main reason for their successful design is they feature all product information clearly and have introduced comparison charts. This way, users don’t have to go back and forth between pages to draw comparisons between products. They also offer great visuals, with graphics and expansive elements. Most e-commerce websites have certain scrolling behaviors that can detract the user. Google Store pays extra attention to that account and prioritizes performance, functionality, and style.

  1. Etsy

Etsy has over 7 million sellers on its website and generated over USD 13 billion in revenue in 2021. It follows a simple and minimalist design that is focused on the search and personalized experience. They also have prioritized their website’s mobile user experience, which generates 64% of their yearly sales. They are closely integrated with their social media platforms such as Pinterest. 

Users are able to search with focused keywords, prices, bestseller status, discounts, delivery options, and reviews. 

Contrary to other e-commerce websites Etsy focuses on higher reviews and declares delivery information upfront. They have done an excellent job in recreating an in-person shopping experience for the digital market. 

  1. Canva

In the year 2022, Canva had more than 75 million active users onboard, spanning different parts of the world. They endorse their philosophy that “design is for everybody” and pump up the users’ confidence that they can create stunning designs. 

The reason for its success is that it is functional. It has a user-friendly interface, and anyone with some basic knowledge regarding tools and design is able to use it.

By ensuring users have a good experience, the website encourages designers to become buyers. Similar to in-app purchases, it has many features reserved for its paid users and other features for the free ones. 

  1. Skullcandy

This is a household name when it comes to music. Skullcandy offers premium earphones on its website. Their website becomes exciting with the balance of colors, texts, and visuals. They also enhance user experiences by utilizing high-quality product photography. This conveys all information showcased luxuriously to their customers who hold quality at the top. 

Their website is user-friendly, engaging for new visitors, and immersive. They keep their users engaged at every step and page, which enhances curiosity about their products and increases sales. 


For any e-commerce business, its website is everything. As their primal presence is online, they have a huge responsibility to entice their consumers through a seamless experience tailored for them. With exciting designs, convenient and customized solutions for customers, and an engaging interface consumers will love your website. This will give a boost to your business and someday you’ll find the name of your brand in an article like this!

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