The Usefulness of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can derive fruitful results for your business. Considering that every brand wishes to or intends to have social media presence because of the increasing trend of social media websites. Almost everybody I or you know has a Facebook account? If not Facebook, then you must be using YouTube or twitter or any other social networking website. These famous social media sites have created a buzz in the online market and they tend to build or degenerate the status of new or existing brands. Users give reviews, share their experiences, posts, photos, status, tweets etc. that could either help in the publicity of your brand or could destroy a brand’s reputation. Since users are interconnected so a single message gets instantly viral within no time and that could either be very useful or damaging for any brand.the-usefulness-of-smm                                                                                                                 Image Credit:

The media dependency theory states that audiences depend on media information to meet needs and reach goals and social institutions and media systems interact with audiences to create need, interests and motives in a person. This can simply be implied on users online who intend to buy products or avail any services.

If you have a brand and you’re looking into conducting social media marketing for your brand you would be glad to read the following usefulness of SMM:

1.    Dissemination of information is easy

If you want to spread a message to your users, regarding a promotional sale, an offer, or a new introduction you could simply use your social media and it would do wonders in disseminating the message. It would not only get broadcasted, in fact it would multiply further apart as many users would share it further. Now it depends on you, the way you craft your message and where you strike it through so that it may retain the customer’s attention.

2.    You can save money from gigantic marketing campaigns

Unlike marketing campaigns through television, radio, print media and various other forms, social media marketing is not very costly, and the results it generates are far better, appropriate and useful for any brand.

3.    Your website’s traffic is enhanced

With marketing through social media you can easily attract web traffic to your website. For instance, if a saloon keeps posting about new promotional offers, it is more probable that the inclined users would consider availing those offers or sharing them with others.

4.    Your sales will increase

Increased traffic can subsequently increase your sales. When someone would repeatedly come across luring offers, it would at one or another time lure them into actually experiencing the offer of sale. This can buy you one time customers. For retaining the customers you need to continuously provide what your customers demand and expect.

5.     You create brand loyalty

Fulfilling your customer’s expectations can make them expressive about your brand on social media through comments, reviews etc. This ensures your customers’ brand loyalty and helps in drawing more customers for you.

To conclude, the basic and prime purpose of social media marketing is to brand your company or product, stay in touch with your clients and drive targeted traffic to boost your sales. If you are looking to conduct social media marketing, hire the services of eTek studio for prosperous results!

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