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eTek Studio implements the most modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure your website achieves the highest online ranking and is readily available to your targeted audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous effort through which our SEO experts in Dubai boost the ranking and presence of your website on search engines such as Google.

Due to the many industries we have worked with, our team of SEO experts will use their experience to help achieve long term results and achieve the maximum amount of clicks on your website. With our best SEO services in Dubai, we give priority to your business goals and then work on best suited SEO techniques to attain those goals.

Why SEO is necessary?

  • Web dependency has been rising. So much of what we do today is based on the web, and search engines are the main platform through which we find our required information on the web.
  • 85 % of purchases are made through search engines, however this cannot happen if no one can find your website. The only way to become visible on a search engine is the implementation of SEO.
  • SEO will help take website traffic from your competitors and direct it to your site.
  • It helps to increase your client base and web traffic.
  • Keywords optimization is a key aspect in successfully marketing your product of service.
  • SEO helps you benefit from content integration and marketing.

Some SEO techniques we focus on

  • We constantly stay up to date with search engine algorithms, and therefore know the correct methods to implement when optimizing your site.
  • We understand that Google algorithms are focused on the UX of a website, hence we ensure that your website UX is completely optimized to achieve those top ranks on Google.
  • We analyze traffic and conversion rates to help better understand if/why users are not staying on a site.

SEO Process at eTek Studio:

  1. Preliminary investigation of a client’s website.
  2. Keyword research and analysis.
  3. On-page content review.
  4. Off-page back link creation.
  5. Content marketing.
  6. User traffic analysis.
  7. Analyze user conversions and overall satisfaction.
  8. Continuous maintenance and improvements.

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