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The truth to Social Networking and Social Media

Social networking and social media have evolved over the last decade into the crutch that society relies on for day-to-day interaction. These virtual platforms cover everything from picture sharing to instant messaging, and have become accustomed to cultures all around the world.

Just imagining a time when you couldn’t check the weather on your phone or see what your friend is up to on the other side of the world is terrifying. But which social networking platform started it all? This question is so ambiguous that it makes your head hurt! There really isn’t a definite answer to that, however none can argue with the contribution that Facebook has had to this change in every day life. Today it seems as though everything is done over Facebook. People can follow their favorite musicians, or stay up to date on how their sports team is doing. But is all of this actually “social”?

We have become so invested in the virtual interactions with friends and family that we forget to stop and enjoy the world around us. Our primary goal has become the creation of a profile that projects a certain image to a specific audience that we will never meet. Regardless of the fact, hours upon hours are spent on maintaining this profile to ensure that the most recent events in our lives are online instantaneously. People have become more interested in things happening all over the world than what was going on right in front of their faces!

We all understand and appreciate the importance of social media in our lives. However don’t let this take away from the beauty of life. Get out and enjoy the world, as it is these experiences that you will remember, not who last liked your profile picture and eTek Studio is here to enhance your social media presence with its smart social media marketing Dubai.

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