Social Media Expectations VS Reality

There are a number of social media experts in the job market nowadays claiming to take your digital marketing game to the next level. However, the chances are you won’t be getting any viral campaigns or a load of customers flooding through your front gate asking you to sign a long term contract for your services in the next few weeks, even if the claiming social media guru is the next Jeff Bezos.

Many business owners face the same pandemonium when their expectations don’t meet reality, which is fairly common communication gap among social media enthusiasts and clients. You would be surprised to know that even a highly professional social media marketer with brilliant content ideas and out of the box strategies won’t be able to deliver you any favorable results in the first few weeks of your digital marketing campaigns, as sometimes we have unrealistically high expectations, which is hard to achieve when reality is different.

In order to better understand this situation, we have made a list of well-known communication gaps between social media marketing expectations and reality for clients.

1.    Planning your Social Media Strategy:

Expectations: You don’t need to make any plans, since all you have to do is gather fans for your community and create posts.

Reality: Your business objectives must be well aligned with your social media strategy plans, so you can get maximum benefit at the end of the day.

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2.    Creating viral content day after day:

Expectations: You are flourishing with creative juice that will get you viral content ideas without any effort. Thus you will be coming in and out every day with new stories to share and spend better half of the day doing leisure activities.

Reality: Coming up with brand new and original content ideas is very challenging when you have to update your communities on a daily basis. It requires a lot of time for good amount of research, designing and marketing activities through dedicated team efforts.

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3.    Content consistency in Social Networks:

Expectations: You will post same type of content in all social media communities and save time.

Reality: Each social network has its own target audience with set objectives, therefore requires you to properly articulate your message before communication. Your campaign message in Twitter might receive a lot of retweets but won’t get the same results in LinkedIn.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, New York Times best selling author & social media expert, philosophy for success in social media in his book “The Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, states“Today, getting people to hear your story on social media, and then act on it, requires using a platform’s native language, paying attention to context, understanding the nuances and subtle differences that make each platform unique, and adapting your content to match”

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4.    Decoding engagement rules in community:

Expectations: You will share a post and everyone will immediately start commenting, therefore you will reply to everyone. You will also be able to ensure all your brand related mentions are replied in no time.

Reality: Keeping your content engaging requires you to understand your consumers’ behaviour and experiment. It is also very difficult if not impossible to answer everyone on social networks. Prioritize your time properly and try to manage such tasks using social media tools. Facebook allows only a small fraction of people, maybe no more than 5% to view your content on the page as the new algorithm rolled out. Therefore, your engagement strategy must be on target.

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5.    Paid ads to outreach target audience:

Expectations: You have budget to spend on paid campaigns, therefore you will easily get people to join your community and engage in your business offerings.

Reality: Paid likes will not change the quality of your campaigns. You will still need amazing quality content ideas that speak to your target audience and get them engaged.

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6.    Organic outreach to gain customers:

Expectations: You don’t need to spend any money on paid promotion because you can easily gain thousands of target audience through natural outreach campaigns.

Reality: Without spending any money on paid promotion, you are not going to reach large audience even if it takes months. Organic outreach helps you only when you invest some budget for paid promotion and start a strategy that combines both methods. i.e. If you hold a contest on your page but don’t have anything to offer the winning participant, why would anyone engage in your activity.

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7.    Hashtag marketing to promote posts:

Expectations: You’ll add a post on your social media network with several hashtags and instantly get engagement. The more hashtags you’ll use on the post, the more people it will reach.

Reality: Adding hefty amount of hashtags not only devalues your marketing efforts but it makes your social persona to be equal to a teenager. Adding 2 to 3 relevant hashtags in a post is enough to promote your content. If your content is valuable, it will automatically receive good feedback.

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If you found yourself to be going through the same communication gaps as mentioned in the list above, don’t be embarrassed. The reason we all make mistakes is, so that we can learn from them and make more informed decisions as a result from our experience.

Social media management requires a substantial amount of time to research, plan, strategize, execute and measure results of your hard efforts. Whether you need social media marketing services in Dubai or deal with clients anywhere else in the world, with some rational thinking, we can finally close these communication gaps and hope for positive turn out in all our social media platforms.

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