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Our Services

Printing Services

At eTek Studio we understand that many clients detest having to deal with numerous companies to receive the services they require. Because of this, eTek has branded itself as a “One-Stop Shop” for its clients.

Therefore we have associated ourselves with numerous professional printing presses so that we can arrange the best quality printing services for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Corporate Identity
    • Banner (flex & web)
    • Billboard
    • Vehicle Branding
  • Graphics
    • Advertisement
    • Book covers
    • Brochure / Business Profiles
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Rollup Stand
  • Product Packaging
    • Bags
    • Gift Item Branding
    • Labeling
    • Packaging
  • Publications
    • Magazines
    • Manuals
    • Presentations
    • Reports
  • Stationary
    • Business Cards
    • Continuation Sheets
    • Envelops
    • Invoices
    • Letterheads
    • Receipts

With the incredible variety of print options available today, we understand that many people are confused as to whether or not they require “the whole package.” At eTek, we will not only provide you with the printing services you require, but also the appropriate consultation to ensure that you are not exceeding your financial restrictions.

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  • Falcon Golf ArabiaFalcon Golf Arabia
  • Rebecca Hughes
  • RegencyRegency
  • Panda PerformancePanda Performance
  • The Leoffler GroupThe Leoffler Group
  • North East Safety ShoesNorth East Safety Shoes
  • Liban TechLiban Tech
  • WJH Transportation Consultancies