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As a Digital Marketing Agency, we help you in becoming a “smart advertiser” by effectively managing your PPC Campaigns in a way as to gain more leads by paying less for each click.

The main objective of any website should be to increase visibility on search engines, resulting in higher website traffic and hence greater revenue. This is where eTek Studio comes forward, as our effective pay-per-click activities will leave you worry free.

We formulate cutting edge search engine marketing for your web business resulting in more visitors.

What is Search Engine Marketing ?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is used to catch more traffic on a website by carrying out paid search activities on search engines like Google and Bing. There are two types of paid models, PPC and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). PPC is an effective model of paid search engine marketing that is designed to buy visits for your website, where the advertiser pays a fee each time his ad is clicked. CPM on the other hand is where an advertiser pays for thousand views of an ad rather than for each click. Google recommends CPM for advertisers who want to focus on brand awareness whereas the advertisers who want to focus on sales or website traffic, CPC/PPC bidding is a good option.

Thus PPC is the most extensively used model in Search Engine paid marketing which can be operated with following channels:

  • PPC Campaign on Google AdWords places related advertisements on top or side bars along with organic results on Google.
  • PPC Campaign on Bing AdCentre helps to reach unique customers including those who do not search on Google.
  • LinkedIn Advertisement is the best source to target B2B companies by LinkedIn PPC.
  • Facebook Paid Campaign provides an advertiser with the flexibility to target users based on their demographics such as age, work, relationships, education, ethnic affinity, etc.
  • Google Remarketing helps advertisers to reach people who have previously visited their page. It works in a variety of ways depending on your business goals and type, however always connects you with your potential customers.

Why PPC Services?

Although PPC is the quickest way to get traffic on your site, it is important to keep in mind that the results are not long lasting like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The following are a few instances where PPC would be recommended over SEO:

  1. If your website or application is newly created and you require urgent traffic.
  2. If you want an increase of traffic on special events such as Christmas, Eid as well as for special promotions.
  3. If you have a separate allocated budget for paid channels then you can go for PPC.

PPC Process at eTek Studio

  1. Preliminary Investigation Phase of a Clients Website
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis
  3. Landing Page Inspection or Creation
  4. Ad Copy Creation
  5. Campaign Creation and Bidding
  6. Traffic and User Analysis
  7. Conversion Analysis
  8. Campaign Maintenance and Improvements on Quality Score
  9. Reporting and Analysis


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