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Point of Sales To Help Dubai Retailers In 2014

Dubai being one of the top tourist attractions in the world, provides its millions of visitors with extravagant shopping malls and restaurants that remain over crowded around the clock. Amongst the most exciting activities in Dubai are some of the largest shopping malls in the world such as Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Souq Madinat Jumeirah, Souq al Bahar, and many more. Dubai is also home of the Shopping Festival and Summer Surprises where people come to buy and purchase a wide variety of items.

All retailers are required to manage their daily transactions transparently, for which they need a web-based application called a point of sale system (POS). Business owners, store keepers, retailers, restaurant owners and other marketers love to use point of sales software and systems to make their sales easier to record and track.

What is Point of Sales (POS)?

Point of sales (POS) is often referred to as an electronic point of sale (EPOS). It is the place where sales are made and retail transactions are completed. This is the point where customers pay the merchant for the goods purchased or the services provided. At this point of sales, the retailer offers different payment options to the customer.

Growing Need of Point Of Sales in the UAE for 2014

With the ever increasing customer base at shopping malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, markets and recreational destinations in the UAE, point of sales is becoming a necessity to monitor sales and inventory. For point of sales, the web portals have gained worldwide recognition to ensure smooth transactions and to manage availability and sale of each item. With regards to the ever expanding retail market in the UAE, point of sales web portals are helpful in managing a greater influx of sales every day as well as to facilitate customers for easy and instant payment at checkout.

What Web Portals Are Used For Point Of Sales?

There are many available web based point of sales software designed to automate the inventory information processing of a mall or supermarket. These may be accounting programs where daily transactions are automatically imported into accounting without spending extra time. With the increase of online shopping, many stores like to operate offline even without opening a physical store. For such sales, the point of sale system is integrated with an e-commerce portal. Some of these POS systems can be found here.

Modules or Functional Requirements of Point of Sales System

Modules of POS systems are the powerful tools used to record sales of merchandise. The interface of a point of sale system resembles a cash register that displays items purchased, total due from customer, sales tax, and their change (if any). Inventory and sales total are tracked and reported to provide any information needed immediately. The module also includes item prices and an inventory database that is protected by passwords. The functional requirements include:

  • To maintain vendors record
  • To issue purchase order (PO)
  • To create invoice
  • To generate receipt

Point of Sale modules include:

  • Price lookup
  • Transaction & item discounts
  • Void transaction
  • Special orders
  • Time-limited specials
  • Items on hold
  • Revenue totals
  • Multi-system integration
  • Customizable touch screen
  • Cash register
  • Barcode scanner
  • Credit card scanner
  • Receipt/label printer
  • Wireless support
  • Web-enabled
  • Security levels
  • Passwords
  • Time Clock

How point of sales helps retailers in Dubai

  • Inventory management
  • For automatic tax calculation
  • To analyze sales
  • To increase ordering speed
  • To reduce customer wait time
  • To reduce order errors
  • To produce detailed custom reports
  • To reduce employee theft

For managing your store, eTek Studio provides web development in Dubai for point of sales systems that ensure easy vendor management, customer management, inventory tracking, and accounting.

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