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Manage Your Workflow With Smart Mobile Cloud Applications

Mobile cloud computing has become our day to day need to manage wide spread of our work at one handy device. It is one of the best technology advancement that has facilitated us to do our chores without taking bundles of information everywhere.

This significant development of mobile cloud computing is getting highest adoption by worldwide users. According to latest Juniper Research, cloud based mobile applications have generated $9.5 billion revenue in 2014 that increased from $400 million as estimated in 2009, making an average annual increase of 88%.

Mobile cloud computing is the future of mobile multimedia database and is having a dynamic development to store data. We keep connected with mobile 24/7 therefore these applications are an integral part of our lives revolving around mobile or smartphones.

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) Applications

Some of the well-known mobile cloud apps are Google’s Gmail and Google Voice where one can store data as well as process data. It is just like an application purchased or downloaded from apps store on a mobile, and performing like any other application on your iPhone.

These mobile applications have the power of server-based computing infrastructure that is accessible through an application via mobile interface, while restricting someone else to access same files using same mobile application.

Popular Cloud Applications For Mobile Phones

There are so many mobile applications that enable users to make a cloud of their database. Some of these popular cloud applications for mobile phones are:

1. Google Drive

“All your files, ready where you are”, google drive is an online storage with 15GB free storage to keep photos, files, stories, designs, sheets, drawings, recordings, or videos of any format. It enables users to see their stuff anywhere by reaching Drive files from smartphone as well as tablet, or computer. It also has quick sharing and inviting feature to view, download or send files to anyone.1-google-drive

2. Dropbox

Drop box is a free cloud computing application for both mobile and desktop. It lets you reach your files, photos, docs, or videos anywhere at the instant you download the application. It offers a 2GB storage limit that can be increased at cheaper rates. Drop box enables users to save and share files with others and also saving email attachments and editing documents in Dropbox.2-dropbox

3. OneDrive

Get everything to your mobile in one drive with OneDrive to make your life easy and manage your business anywhere you like. This mobile application offers 15GB free online storage so that one can collaborate for business and personal work. It also enables users to upload photos and videos to OneDrive account by using Camera backup and also giving freedom to open files in other applications.3-onedrive

4. iCloud

Everything You Love, Everywhere You Go – iCloud connects Apple devices to store files. It offers 5GB free storage of files and other paid plans as 20GB – $0.99/month, 200G – $3.99/month, 500GB – $9.99/month and 1TB – $19.99/month. Using this application more than six family members can share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases even without sharing their accounts.4-icloud

5. Box

It is an award winning cloud computing application that brings 10GB excellent file-syncing storage for Android. Other than accessing, this applications, enables users to view and print more than hundred file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, AI, and PSD. It also offers a home screen widget to stay updated with business news.5-box

6. Spideroak

This mobile application is developed to protect your privacy and control your data with ‘zero-knowledge’ backup solutions. Spideroak provides 2 GBs lifetime free storage for file backup, sync and sharing on mobile and other devices. It enables users to share any file to friends or family by creating a share link.6-spideroak

7. Amazon Cloud Drive

This mobile application gives access everywhere by saving, securing and automatic back-up, as well as extra storage for mobile users. One can also explore music and import it to music library of the cloud, that can be streamed or played anywhere.7-amazon-cloud-drive

Amazon now brings two storage plans for users to choose between Unlimited Everything or Unlimited Photos, and uploading endless amount of content.

8. Copy

This mobile based cloud application offers Chromecast support so that one can stream any type of file to a Chromecast-connected television and share files to anyone for free. It is a quick and easy app to sync files and inviting other people to share data.8-copy

These all mobile based cloud applications are developed by companies providing mobile application development services like eTek Studio. These applications are meant to provide best cloud storage services to users with a sense of security to files or documents that are synced or accessed anywhere. It is a wonder development to maintain files and business record while roaming around any corner of the world.

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