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How To Make A Website

With increased Internet access and browsing in the UAE, many businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to increase their online business presence. This is done through the creation of a company website to better reach the target market around the globe.

Why do you need to make a website?

Today, the UAE is ranked as having the third highest Internet usage in the Middle East. This shows that the local community is actively connected online. Keeping this in mind, the biggest challenge for businesses is optimizing their web presence. In the continually growing world we live in, a website is essential for a companies success.

As with any project, organization is important in successfully accomplishing your goals. At eTek, we strive to provide quality work in an organized manner through which our clients can follow. If you are thinking of developing your own website, we have put our process below to help you get started:

How to make a website

Before creating your website, it is recommended to search existing websites relevant to your business for inspiration. This will make it easier to structure your website as well as spark ideas that you may have missed otherwise.

  • Select the type of website you need

    There are many different kinds of websites, each with unique functionality. Therefore the first step in developing your website is choosing which type of website you will require. There are two types of websites, static and dynamic. The functionality and features that you require for your website will be the key contributor in deciding which type of website you will need. For example, if your business activities involve online shopping, you will require a dynamic website. More specifically, an eCommerce website. Magento is a highly trusted application that is currently being used by many fashion brands, vehicle companies and others in the development of eCommerce websites.Your target audience is also very important in choosing the type of website you require. If you are expecting many visitors to access your site on smartphones or tablets, it is essential that you create a responsive website, meaning that the layout of the site will change depending on the size of the screen that the website is being accessed on.

  • Theme, Style & Website Design

    Once you have decided which type of website you will require, it is now time to begin designing your website. Seeing that this will be what your visitor will see when they access your site, it is important to select a unique and eye-catching theme that stands out amongst the millions of websites on the Internet. Be sure to choose a web design and style that is most relevant to your business. It is often recommended to hire a web design company (such as eTek), as they have experience in converting your ideas into images.

  • Planning For Web Content

    Now that you know what website type you need and the design you are going to use, it is time to decide what you want to say. It is essential to perform extensive market research so that your website content is interesting and relevant to your business.

  • Building Your Website

    Choose Domain Name: This the “name” of your website. Be sure to select an appropriate domain name that is easy to remember and relevant to your business with the right extension (.com/.org/.net/ etc).Web Hosting Account: Once you have your domain chosen, it must be registered as well as hosted with a hosting provider. Be sure to choose a provider that is reliable and reputable.Website Building: It is now time to take the website design previously chosen and convert into HTML. Once this is done, the main functionality of the website can be developed. For dynamic websites, a content management system (CMS) is required, such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla. Depending on your requirements, this CMS sometimes must be developed from scratch. If you are confused as to what to do, contact a development company (such as eTek) and ask for advice as to which starting point they recommend.

  • Test & Publish Your Website

    Before taking your website online, check for flaws, broken links and tags. It is always better to find the issues in your website yourself as oppose to your clients!

If this is something that has sparked your interest, visit the link to receive a more detailed guide to constructing your own website. eTek Studio will be happy to work with you in the designing of your website. We can develop a website fully customized to meet your requirements, or we can provide consultation should you want to build your website yourself. Just send us an email, we would love to hear from you!

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