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7 Free Software To Make A Best Responsive Web Design

Getting a responsive web design faster and without any tech expertise is not a big question now, as there are available few responsive web designing software, some of which are absolutely free. Other than number of tools and frameworks for designing responsive websites, these web designing software bring you an exciting responsive website for any device.

It’s always smarter to look for a web designing company in Dubai such as eTek Studio if you are looking for responsive web design services in Dubai. The software mentioned here are not only designed for getting a mobile friendly website but also to offer variety of templates and features that can be added to your responsive website.

1. TOWeb

It is a free software to create a responsive web design that combines latest technologies of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In this modern world, this responsive web designing software is a smart choice to get a website displayed on any device. It offers bundles of free Professional Website Templates, easy Live Content Editing, CSS3 Based Theme Editor. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher, and Linux / Ubuntu using Wine (version 1.6 or higher).


2. GOOGLE web designer

You will really enjoy working on this interesting google web designer that enables you to design a web fit for any screen. This software offers you a wide range of animation and interactive elements while working on HTML5 content, along with using other Google products such as Google Drive, DoubleClick Studio, and AdWords. No coding is required, and you can create as many pages as you require. Google web designer beta is available for Mac 10.7.x or later, Win 7 or later, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE).


3. Ekomobi

It is an easy choice to make a responsive web design that is not only beautiful but too appealing on all devices. Ekomobi is a responsive website builder that provides all powerful tools required to design a website where no technical skills are required. It offers WYSIWYG editor for real time editing and also drag and drop feature to arrange blocks and images. It also enables you to add photo galleries, sliders, google map, and Youtube or Vimeo videos. It is a multilingual responsive web design software.


4. Website Builder v4.0

This amazing Website Builder v4.0 is a free HTML editor and responsive website builder. Its basic features include Responsive Layouts, Online Template, CSS Class Support & Auto Detection, HTML code development, Advanced Syntax Highlighting and many others.

Website-Builder v4.0

5. Responsive Layout Maker Pro

It is a multi-device web design building software by coffeeCup. Though it is not free, but the software brings a matchless crisp, clean, visually strong responsive web design. Some of its features include configurable Fluid grids with custom breakpoints, Semantic HTML, Custom Layout Designs, Control paddings, floats, Browser-Based Prototyping and Clean CSS.


6. Xara Designer Pro

The software is used for designing responsive & mobile friendly sites with enhanced features like Easy Drag & Drop, 3D Extrude, Photo Panoramas, Fast, non-destructive photo handling, Compatibility With Industry Standards, Web Widgets and much more. It is a one stop solution to get a creative responsive website.


7. Macaw

It is also one of the responsive web design software that sets breakpoints and optimize your site for any device. Macaw offers flexibility for image editing as well as writing semantic HTML and CSS. Some of its great features are real-time, fluid layout engine, eye catching typography, positioning, global styles and much more.


These responsive web design software help a person even with no technical skills, to get a smart website for any handy device.

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