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5 ways that social media benefits a new business owners

The hype of social media is one that has been rising very rapidly. Because of this, many marketers have turned to social media platforms as a way of effective advertisement. The problem however, is that because social media marketing is relatively new, it is sometimes difficult to use these platforms effectively. According to the Social Media Examiner, 85% of marketers currently using social media marketing are unsure as to the most effective methods of marketing on these platforms. Fortunately, there are companies that offer customized social media marketing solutions to suit your individual needs. Below are 5 ways that social media and social media marketing benefits new business owners:


  • Increased Brand Recognition and Authority: Many consumers will refer to social media platforms when they want to brag or compliment about a product or service that they like or enjoyed. This results in word-of-mouth circulation, which has proven to be a very effective form of advertisement. According to Hubspot, 92% of all marketers have stated that using social media has provided more exposure for their business, and 58% have found that social media marketing alone improved their search engine rankings.
  • Two way communication: Traditional advertising methods are very restrictive in the sense that there is only a single channel of communication from the provider to consumer. Due to the nature of social media, marketing on these platforms provides a much more interactive style of communication. Consumers are able to comment and share their thoughts freely about a product or service, which increases brand awareness as well as reputation. This in turn helps to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Hubspot has found that 69% of marketers have credited social media marketing as a primary reason for the increase in their loyal consumer base.
  • It’s cheaper: Building off this same article from Hubspot, 95% of marketers have seen that putting as little as 6 hours of effort increased results and lead generations. Nearly half of these have also experienced reduced marketing expenses due to these efforts.
  • Provides insight into your target market: Due to the many analytic features available on social media platforms, it is very easy to gather information such as location, age, gender, language, and interests of your target market. Based on this insight, it makes it much easier to target your specific market more effectively and tailor your products or services in a more personalized fashion.
  • It is fast: Due to the interactive-style mentioned above, social media platforms make sending information out as well as receiving information from your consumer base much quicker and more effective. This saves both time and money for companies.
  • Social media marketing has demonstrated its effectiveness in recent years, and continues to do so as the use of social media platforms grow. eTek Studio offers personalized social media marketing services in Dubai as well as all over the world to help your business achieve its maximum exposure and increase revenue!

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